Being more resilient means you are better able to understand the risks that your business faces, you are prepared to respond to them and you are able to recover quickly when the worst happens. 

Here at Black Dog Crisis Management, our team of experts will work with you to understand your business, and together we will make it more resilient. 

We are able to support businesses of all shapes, sizes and budgets with a range of fixed price packages as well as fully bespoke services to match you and your team’s needs.

Contact our team today at or on +44 (0) 7824 807617 for a no obligation discussion on how we can help your business become more resilient.

Our services for business include:

  • Resilience health check - our expert team will work with you to understand how your business operates, and identify potential vulnerabilities to help direct your investment in resilience planning.

  • Risk assessment - our team will work with yours to identify the risks that your business could face in an emergency, building awareness and understanding across your team.

  • Business continuity training - we can provide training on all aspects of business continuity for your team, tailored to meet your business' needs.

  • Emergency plan development - we help you to develop plans to manage the impacts of the risks your business could face, giving you the tools to get back on track.

  • Exercises - we can test your plans, and your team, in a realistic simulation of an emergency situation, giving you a safe space to build capability to manage the impacts of shocks on your business.

  • Crisis communications workshops - events tailored to help your team manage stakeholder relationships before, during and after an emergency.

  • Crisis management support - we can be there for you when the worst happens - with remote or on site expertise to help put your plans into action.

  • Debrief and lessons learned support - our team will help you understand what worked, what didn't, and where you can improve.

  • All of our services are backed by our no quibble guarantee - if we don't deliver what we promise, you don't pay a penny.


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