Voluntary Sector

You will already know that volunteers and the organisations they work for play a critical role in sustaining the recovery of a community affected by a shock. Even if your organisation doesn’t ‘do’ emergency response in the traditional sense, you will almost certainly know of occasions when you team has provided the vital support a community needed in times of crisis.
Here at Black Dog Crisis Management, our team has experience of working with voluntary organisations of all shapes and sizes, at both the national and local levels. We offer a range of services to help you develop and deliver your response to an emergency situation, be it directly supporting the emergency services or simply keeping your services running smoothly in a challenging situation.
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Our services for the voluntary sector include:

  • Emergency plan development - our experts will work with you to develop the plans to keep your service running through a crisis.

  • Exercises - our team will simulate an emergency situation to test your plan - building your team’s ability to manage crises.

  • Resilience briefing sessions - our experts will give your team, new to the organisation or old hands, a no jargon introduction to the world of resilience and emergency response - this can be tailored for teams at any level of the organisation.

  • Community Resilience programmes - if you want to support your local community in its resilience efforts, our team will work with you to develop an empowering programme of actions.

  • Business Continuity and organisational resilience - the resilience of your organisation is critical to being able to deliver your services. Our team can work with you to build the resilience of your team. Find out more.

  • Crisis management support - we can be there for you when the worst happens - with remote or on site expertise to help put your plans into action.

  • Debrief and lessons learned support - our team will help you understand what worked, what didn't, and where you can improve.